Sandi Watson, Mosaic Artist

These are their stories…

“I want a baby gift for a should be about this [–] big, and I can spend about $50-$100. Can you make something fun in that range?”

“I have a space on my wall that needs something....I'm using blues and browns, with accents of dark brown and an occasional pop of red. Can you come to my home and see the space I'm working with?”

“My sister just lost her husband and I'd love to have a piece made for her as a remembrance. Can you use some of these items of his....a few old buttons from his favorite jacket, a piece of leather from his old baseball glove, and a few pins that he had received for his military service? I think she would love it…”
I love to hear these stories – they range from a need for a simple gift to creating a piece of art that represents an entire lifetime. It's hard to explain all of the reasons people love mosaic art. Personally, I think it's “connective” uses so many materials, takes so many emotions, and weaves together a story that can be experienced by each individual in a unique way.

Mosaic art has a unique ability to keep memories alive by retelling an intimate, personal story...or by asking you to envision your own story in the baubles, trinkets, colors, and shit.

I've always loved to be creative. I studied Commercial Art at UW - La Crosse, but didn't really pursue it at all after college. I got married, had children, and that was my life. Then my kids grew up, my life changed, and friend asked me if I would be interested in taking a mosaic class. I fell instantly in love.

My mosaic art was used to help me overcome emotions that I didn't know how to deal with otherwise. It became an outlet. And it was messy at first – let me tell you. But what that turned into was an incredible passion for the art of mosaic. Not just the kind you see in gift shops...the broken glass cemented onto a pretty table. No – this mosaic art goes far beyond that, bringing personal physical pieces into the art....melding colors and shapes, contrasting textures, and layering ideas. I love to work with people who have stories to tell...who want to connect with something in a way that nothing else can for them.

The piece I created for my story hangs on gallery walls in the area now, affecting those who dare look at it. It's helped me move on, and now I pour my heart and soul into helping others create meaningful pieces to tell their own stories.

What's your story?

I'd love to hear your story and create a piece for you or someone you care about.

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